C Series Column Array System

C Series Column Array System 鋁合金箱體線陣音柱

CANADA / MARCO AUDIO – 最新的 C Series Column Array System 鋁合金箱體線陣音柱,
C Series 當中的全音域線陣音柱, 箱體由鋁合金組成, 能高度反應出清晰及透徹的音效特性。

LTD Series Speaker

LTD Series Speaker (LTD12 / LTD15)


LTD 12 high power, compact two-way system with a vented-chassis.
LTD 15 high performance, wide-bandwidth system in a compact and efficient package.

MC Series Speaker

Marco Audio – MC Series Speaker 

The ultimate professional high end full-range and versatile speakers.

MODL : MC-10
MODL : MC-12
MODL : MC-15
MODL : MC-18

BA Series Power Transfer

BA Series Power Transfer


BA Series is adopted from Motorola power transistors and designed with differential current power that is fully symmetrical pairs, giving it more headroom. The power supply uses a large current circular transformer accompanied with large capacity condensers provides unlimited energy that reaches full rated output power and stability.

BA Series Power Transfer

MR Series Power Transfer


The newly developed double differential current motion MR Series power amplifier, with its perfect functionality, manifests the human quality in design. Regardless of its outer design, inner structure, or circuit design, the product possesses acoustic quality that passes through repetitive fine-tuning.  The stability of the speaker also has undertaken a series of testing under the worst possible conditions.  It is a well-rounded, multi-functional, exquisite timbre, strongly stable, specialized amplifier for outdoor usage.

CEL 3300 Compressor Limiter

CEL 3300

Compressor Limiter

Marco Audio delivers a one-box answer to your dynamics processing needs. The Cel-3300 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander offers two channels of simultaneous, in-line controls for all three types of dynamics processing. In addition, the Cel-3300 employs a new circuitry design, Dynamics Squared, for dramatically reduced distortion when automatic gain reduction is at a maximum